Hairline crack on laptop screen

2020-02-23 07:20

Sep 18, 2018 So I came into possession of a newish laptop that the owner was getting rid of due to some cracks in the screen glass. To be clear, this isn't a chip in the glass like you might get from a rock hitting your card window, but long hairline cracks that run the length of the screen.Jul 15, 2018 After six months, this computer has a hairline crack on it's screen, without being dropped. The only thing I can figure is that it was already compromised and cracked when I used the touch screen. Microsoft will only offer me a refurbished computer, which I do not want. No other options. hairline crack on laptop screen

I have a hairline crack on my screen protector for my phone. It was placed on 8618 by apple. The phone is Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist. Hi I had bought a laptop from my school and I just cracked the screen the other day and I was wondering if my warranty would cover that

Nov 18, 2011 In addition, there's another crack, significantly smaller, that appeared almost directly above the larger one on the top of my screen. So I'm just posting this looking for help or an explanation or whatever. I'm figuring and fearing I'm going to need a new screen out of this, something that as of now I don't exactly have the scratch for. Jan 18, 2017 I have a hairline crack that goes across the lower half of the screen. So, I dropped my phone& now have a hairline crack across the screen. Similar Threads. How come I haven't seen any Christmas Giveaways for the Surface Pro 4. By JimMcParty in forum Microsoft Surface Pro 4hairline crack on laptop screen Jun 13, 2019 Unfortunately, the grace period for the Best Buy warranties requires you to bring the product in so it can be inspected to be in good condition, however, when I brought my IPad in to get it covered a week later, the tech I was working with did not bother to check even though it is policy (my IPad was not damaged anyways), I think he was one of the dudes at Best Buy who actually have some

Hairline crack on laptop screen free

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