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The Beatles (White Album) Limited Edition Numbered Ceramic Coin Bank. 18. 00. Honey Pie Shirt. 136. 00. Blackbird Shirt. 132. 00. Prudence Grey TShirt. 135. 00. Sold Out. Helter Skelter TShirt. The White Album Mono (2 Vinyl) 40. 00. The Beatles (White Album) Deluxe Edition 4LP Turntable.On 999 (a cool reference to Revolution# 9) the original mono mixes of The Beatles first 10 studio albums (through The White Album) will be released on mono on CD for the first time. The White Album is the only one of those 10 albums that was never released in mono on vinyl in the US so it will really be the first release of this mix in the US ever (on any format. ) the beatles white album mono blogspot

Beatles White Album The Beatles is 9th official album by the English rock band The Beatles, a double album was released in 1968. It's also commonly known as The White Album since it does not have any graphics or text except the band's name embossed (and, on the early LP and CD releases, a serial number) on its plain white sleeve.

Sep 26, 2018 These past few weeks however, I've really been into the Beatles again, thanks to the anticipation for the recentlyannounced Super Deluxe Edition of The Beatles (The White Album), my favorite Beatles album! Once that comes out on November 9th, I'll probably be sharing an updated mix of my alternate version of the album, entitled A Doll's House May 21, 2019 Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queuethe beatles white album mono blogspot Jun 18, 2017 I've always had mixed emotions about The White Album, there's some great music on it but there is also some not so good music on it as well. But to get the mono vinyl release in the original packaging to include the black inner sleeves and the discs inserting into the top of the cover rather than the side I felt as if I was opening and listening to a new release by The Beatles.

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Sep 09, 2009 Still, the Beatles were mostly involved with the mono mixes up until around the White Album, and I'm greatly looking forward to the denser, but in my opinion generally more interesting mono mixes. The mono set finally came in the mail, and sounds quite phenomenal. the beatles white album mono blogspot Sep 06, 2009 Excellent music! I've been collecting this records, because they are my favorite band, specially if you are talking about the white album. The album's original title, A Doll's House, was changed when the British progressive rock band Family released the similarly titled Music in a Doll's House earlier that year. 23jj March 1, 2011 at 12: 19 PM Aug 30, 2018 The Alternate White Album 1998 Edition There has been news about the upcoming remastered White Album mentioned by Paul McCartney coming out in November. Below is a previous posting on the Alternate White Album released some time ago. Feb 08, 2018 50th Anniversary all things Beatles White Album. 50th Anniversary all things Beatles White Album Like to start a discussion about the album on what you like and don't like about it, favorite song or songs on the album, the upcoming super deluxe release info and release date, different variations of vinyl and cds that are collectible or Jan 10, 2019  The front of the cover has The BEATLES embossed in raised block letters, is not white gatefold cover with openings at the sides. 'Mono' jacket designation is only on the spine Mono PMC The records were housed in standard white paper inner sleeves. Comes with four color portraits and lyriccollage poster.

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