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2020-04-02 08:10

High Efficiency, High Density, Switched Capacitor Converter for High Power Applications. by Jian Li, Jeff Zhang, Ya Liu, and Marvin Macairan Download PDF The power density of a dctodc converter is generally limited by bulky magnetic components, especially in applications where the input and output voltages are relatively high.energy density of onchip capacitors [1 [2 [3. However, the power density in a standard switched capacitor converter is limited by the available capacitor density of a given technology, along with the tradeo with eciency due to the intrinsic charge sharing loss. switched capacitor power converter

London, United Kingdom March 14, 2017 Dialog Semiconductor plc (XETRA: DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, ACDC power conversion, and Bluetooth low energy technology, today unveiled the first of a new series of charging products and one of the worlds most efficient switched capacitor DCDC converters, the DA9313.

Fully Integrated SwitchedCapacitor DCDC Conversion Elad Alon Berkeley Wireless Research Center Mitigates efficiency vs. power density tradeoff Converter die can use older, lowercost technology Switchedcapacitor converters in standard Integrated Power Conversion The Switched Capacitor Approach Profs. Seth Sanders and EladAlon Vincent Ng, HanhPhucLe, and Mervin John EECS Department, UC Berkeley. Switched Capacitor Power Converters Only switches and capacitors Can support multiple input or output A 98 peak efficiency 1. 5A 12Vto1. 5V Switched Capacitor dcdcswitched capacitor power converter Switchedcapacitor converters exhibit significant advantages over inductorbased converters in many applications SC converters can be easily modeled using relatively simple analysis methods SC converters and CMOS rectifiers make ideal sensor node power converters

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Analog Devices has managed to create a 500W switchedcapacitor power chip for fixed ratio power conversion at up to 72V and 99 efficiency. Power density up to 4, 000Win 3 is claimed. The main application foreseen for the chip, the LTC7820, is 48V nonisolated dc bus conversion, although it is switched capacitor power converter Prof. Sam BenYaakov, Switched Capacitors Converters, S. BenYaakov 2009 [1 Power Electronics Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering analyze switchedcapacitor ampliers, considering unitygain, noninverting, and multiplybytwo topologies. Finally, we examine a switchedcapacitor integrator. 12. 1 General Considerations In order to understand the motivation for sampleddata circuits, let us rst consider the simple continuoustime amplier shown in Fig. 12. 1(a). Analysis and Optimization of SwitchedCapacitor DCDC Converters Michael D. Seeman, Seth R. Sanders EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley 341 Cory Hall, Berkeley, CA Abstract Analysis methods are developed that fully determine a switchedcapacitor (SC) dcdc converters steadystate perfor High current, inductorless power converters. Dialog's switched capacitor DCDC converters can be used in cascaded configuration with PMICs to make 2S battery system power regulation more efficient and reduce PCB board area and component height to less than 50 and height to 1 mm, compared to inductor based buck configuration.

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